Sedation Dentistry In Winchester, VA

Maintaining better oral health revolves about visiting your dentist regularly. Yet, millions of people fail to keep up their dental cleaning and exams every year. But Why? The reason is fear.

Shenandoah Family Dentistry is dedicated to making patients feel as calm and comfortable as possible while obtaining the dentistry they require. We make a calming and friendly environment with our professional and understanding dental team. Also, we offer sedation dentistry in North Winchester, VA, to patients with dental anxiety. We never want dental fear or pressure to prevent patients from obtaining the quality dental care service in Winchester, VA, they deserve!


What Is Dental Anxiety?

As with any dread, the root behind why it exists varies from patient to patient. Some patients may have had a horrible experience as a child in the dentist’s chair that made them fear the dentist throughout the rest of their lives.
Other patients might have ignored their oral health for a long time and feel mortified and worried about the state of their teeth and gums. For other people with general anxiety, not being in control could contribute to their dental fear. The scope of fear, tension, and anxiety is mixed and all-around. Whatever the case is for you, we want you to know that at Shenandoah Family Dentistry, we invite you to step into a neutral zone. Together, we can revamp the way you look at dentistry.

Patient's Comfort Is Our Priority

Dentistry is coordinated and functions best through regular contact between the dentist and his patients. We completely understand how big it can be to confront your dental fears. Though we are all in this together & you’re not doing it alone.

We will be with you in every step and describe each process thoroughly. We find that patients who are active participants in their oral health and who understand the procedure of every dental treatment feel less anxiety.

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Has it been a while since you last visited a dental office? That’s totally fine! We will work with you to overcome your dental fear and anxiety using the sedation dentistry approach.

Please call our Winchester, VA, dental office to schedule an examination with our experienced and professional dental team. Contact us to book your appointment now & get rid of all your oral health worries.