DENTAL fluoride treatmentS IN WINCHESTER, VA

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Fluoride treatments are among the most effective ways to help prevent tooth decay and have been for quite some time. While fluoride treatments are most beneficial to children with developing teeth, many adults also seek them out. The fluoride treatment process is quick, taking only seconds, and Shenandoah Family Dentistry can perform treatments during your cleanings every six months.

Why Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments help tooth remineralization, which repairs the enamel layer. If too much demineralization occurs without proper remineralization, tooth decay can happen. Fluoride naturally occurs in many foods and is added to water in many places. Yet, this amount is not enough for children and some adults in many cases.

Fluoride treatments make teeth more resistant to acids that form from plaque and sugars inside your mouth. It can also help reverse tooth decay if caught early enough. In younger children, fluoride helps develop their permanent teeth, making it harder for the teeth to demineralize. While fluoride treatments are part of a child’s regular pediatric oral care, your dentist may also recommend fluoride treatments for you for the following reasons:
  • You have exposed root surfaces
  • You have deep pits in your teeth
  • You have poor oral hygiene
  • You frequently consume sugar and carbohydrates
  • You do not have enough exposure to fluoride
  • You have inadequate saliva flow
  • You have a recent history of tooth decay
  • You have dry mouth or gingivitis
Even with fluoride treatments, regular oral hygiene and good eating habits are essential to maintaining your oral health.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

There are two ways for you to receive fluoride treatments:

    • Topical fluoride: Topical fluoride treatments treat teeth from the outside by seeping into tooth enamel. This is done with toothpaste, mouthwashes, and gels. Professional application by Shenandoah Family Dentistry is recommended for children during their routine dental check-ups twice a year.
    • Systemic fluoride: Systemic fluoride works for teeth that have erupted past the gums and those still developing. Your supply of systemic fluoride is found in most foods and community water supplies. It can also be taken as a supplement prescribed by your dentist.

With children, and especially infants, it is crucial to monitor fluoride intake. If too much is consumed, fluorosis may occur. This condition causes white spots to form on the teeth, so always check with your dentist before starting any fluoride treatments on your own. Make sure to keep fluoride supplements locked away from young children, and be careful of flavored toothpaste that contains fluoride as children are more likely to swallow them.

Professional Fluoride Treatments to Protect Your Smile

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