Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Laser Tool

Laser technology is a great benefit to dentistry. With the Waterlase laser tool, we can make more precise cuts, removing only the damaged tissue, causing less discomfort for the patient and allowing for faster healing. At Shenandoah Family Dentistry, we are working to stay constantly up to date in the latest in information, tools, and advancements in dental care. Waterlase, dental laser, is one of those tools that take our patients into consideration, allowing us to provide them with better care with less pain.

Dental Procedures Done With Lasers

We can perform several dental procedures with dental laser technology, this includes:

  • Cleaning Cavities: Caries and cavities can form from bacteria and decay on your teeth. Using Waterlase, we can remove the decay and other harmful bacteria without damaging or removing any more enamel material than necessary from the surrounding tooth.
  • Gum Reshaping: We can make more precise cuts when reshaping gum tissue, which is then sealed as we work, reducing post inflammation.
  • Removing Bacteria: Chronic periodontitis can cause deep periodontal pockets, separating the teeth and gums. We can remove the bacteria and remove the bacteria with Waterlase.
  • Remove Bacteria During Root Canal Therapy: With the Waterlase laser, we can fight the endodontic infection while performing root canal therapy. Laser technology allows us to disinfect and clean the open dentinal tubules, helping the infection not spread through small canals.
  • Whiten Teeth: When a patient has their teeth whitened in office, we apply a gel and then use laser light to activate the gel, whitening your teeth.
  • Harden Dental Cement and Fillings: Laser light is used to harden materials, often referred to as specialized blue light, this laser can quickly escalate the drying and hardening of bonding and filling materials in your mouth. This means that your dental work is good to go before you leave.
  • Remove Growths: Waterlase can be used to remove growths in your mouth with decreased impact on surrounding tissue vs. other methods.
  • Relieve Cold Sores: In addition to removing growths, we can remove painful cold sores with laser technology, removing them also helps stop a larger outbreak from occurring.

How Does Waterlase Reduce Pain And Increase Healing?

In standard dental care, when we remove decay and bacteria from gums and teeth, we often remove surrounding tissue along with the damaged tissue. This is because it’s difficult to make such tiny, fine cuts. This means longer time in the chair, larger amounts of procedural damage, higher need for anesthesia and a longer time for healing.

Waterlase is different; it’s not a knife or a drill, it is a direct beam of the laser. It can be used to make cuts and seal that cuts as it works. This can sometimes be referred to as painless, or bloodless, dentistry. Additionally, since the tissue is sealed, the healing time is faster and with less inflammation and a decreased chance of developing an infection.

Laser technology is a huge benefit in dental care.

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