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Placing Crowns

Placing Crowns at Shenandoah Family Dentistry, Winchester, VAAt Shenandoah Family Dentistry we have lots of experience in placing crowns. While there’s much work that goes into this process, it can usually be done with just two visits to our office.

Appointment #1 for Crown Placement

When you first visit us for crown placement, we’ll need to numb your mouth and the surrounding gum tissue (unless you’ve had a root canal, in which case you won’t need a local anesthetic) so we can shape all sides of your tooth. This is important because your tooth needs to have a certain amount of its structure trimmed away, so your tooth is both bulky and strong enough to hold the crown—63% to 75% of your tooth needs to be removed, depending on its location in your mouth. We also need to remove all loose filling material, leaving your tooth with a slightly tapered shape that the crown will slip directly over the top of, with its larger nub extending up inside of it, holding it in place.

Once your tooth is the correct shape, we’ll need to take impressions using a paste that shows us a negative of what your teeth look like. We’ll also choose what shade of porcelain will most closely match your neighboring teeth by using a shade guide. This is a device with what looks like teeth sitting on it, and each tooth is a slightly different shade of natural enamel so you can have your crown matched to the tooth it is covering. Once the right color is picked out, a mold is made of the tooth that requires a crown so that it can be made. This should around two weeks to complete.

After your impression is taken, we’ll place a temporary crown in your mouth. Made from plastic or metal, it’s job is to protect your tooth and keep it from moving in your mouth. It’s held there with “temporary” cement that we can easily remove at your next appointment.

Appointment #2 for Crown Placement

On your second visit to our office, we’ll start by removing the temporary crown we placed the first time and cleaning off any fragments of cement that are left behind. We’ll then make sure your crown fits by placing it in your mouth and having you bite down gently. This is done before cementing it into place. For this, we’ll need to place cement inside the crown then put it over your tooth then scrape away any excess.

The entire length of your second appointment should only take about 20 minutes. During this time, we’ll make sure that your crown also looks right and that any questions you have are answered.

Overall, this entire process will typically take less than two hours of your time. Patients typically don’t complain of feeling any pain throughout either of their appointments. Of course, we use a local anesthetic just to make sure that you’re comfortable. However, you shouldn’t have any issues tolerating this treatment, nor should it be something that you fear coming to our office for. So, remember, when you need crowns, we’re here for you at Shenandoah Family Dentistry. Just pick up your phone and give us a call at (540) 667-8731.

We look forward to making this a painless, straightforward process for you.

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