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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures at Shenandoah Family Dentistry, Winchester, VAAt Shenandoah Family Dentistry we understand how the various types of dentures can become quite confusing. You may not understand what the differences are or what would work best for you, fitting your oral needs. One such option that you’ll want to know more about here is partial dentures.

What Partial Dentures Are

Made from a combination of metal and acrylic, partial dentures are removable even though they still look natural when they’re in your mouth. This is great because you’ll want a way to restore your missing teeth and this is it. Partial dentures will also restore your jawbone’s form and function.

These dentures are used when you’re missing one or more teeth. When this happens, you’ll need these dentures, so your mouth’s bite pressure doesn’t shift. This would cause your other teeth to move to compensate for your bite’s “gap,” causing your soft tissue and its supporting bone to shrink. This would alter your physical appearance and cause a multitude of problems with your other teeth. However, a partial denture will prevent this from happening by keeping your mouth’s underlying structures (e.g., gums, jawbone, facial muscles) active and engaged. Ultimately, this results in a complete, beautiful smile you can feel confident about.

Caring for Your Partial Dentures

While many oral processes require you to change how you manage your oral health routine, this is not so when you get partial dentures. You simply need to brush and floss as normal. This will keep your gums healthy and your partial denture looking great. If you ever need any adjustments made to your partial denture in the future (e.g., expanding it) we can quickly take care of this in a cost-effective manner. You’ll save money when this happens because you won’t need to start over—just add to what’s already working on your behalf in your mouth right now.

It’s also great to know that you can enjoy your “typical” diet while wearing partial dentures because these give you all the form and function you already enjoy with your natural teeth. You will want to remove your partial denture and not sleep in it though. This is mainly so your gums will have a chance to rest from holding the partial denture in place.

Deciding if Partial Dentures Are Right for You

Partial dentures are strong enough to handle your chewing and speaking needs while also looking natural. This is a less invasive and less expensive option than other options used for replacing missing teeth. Many patients find that partial dentures do a great job of restoring their mouth’s functionality and their teeth’s beauty.

Now that you have a better understanding of what partial dentures are and how they work, you should give Shenandoah Family Dentistry a call at (540) 667-8731. We can help you determine if partial dentures are what you need to treat your oral health issues. This is something we’ve done for many different clients over the years and that we also look forward to doing for you too. So, give us a call to set up your appointment soon.

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