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Invisalign® for Adults

Invisalign at Shenandoah Family Dentistry, Winchester, VAAt Shenandoah Family Dentistry we have an easy solution for adults who are looking for straighter teeth. This is important because having a beautiful smile will help improve your self-confidence. Of course, wearing braces can be counterproductive here, which is where Invisalign becomes a great option for numerous reasons.

Invisalign Isn’t as Noticeable as Traditional Braces

While you may feel insecure about Invisalign in the beginning, you can rest assured that nobody will even notice you’re wearing these braces unless you let them know. Of course, you may find that it’s a bit more challenging to speak throughout the first few days you have the aligners, but your mouth eventually adjusts to having something bulky surrounding your teeth. Even as you “struggle” to speak, you should realize that Invisalign isn’t as noticeable as having metal braces—or even clear ones. This is because you won’t have a wire running across your teeth.

Invisalign Is More Convenient

It’s much easier to maintain an Invisalign aligner than metal braces. You must still brush your teeth when you’re done eating before you put the aligners back in your mouth. This isn’t as complicated as if you had traditional braces. Simply remove your Invisalign appliance, enjoy your food, thoroughly brush your teeth, then return your appliance to your mouth so you can move forward with your life.

Invisalign Is Less Uncomfortable

Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth—more so than with traditional braces. As such, you should experience much less discomfort. Additionally, since it doesn’t take as long to adjust to them, you’ll also experience fewer sores in your mouth. This will also be true with any other related issues that may come to mind when you think about wearing braces. As a busy adult, not having much pain or discomfort greatly benefits you in the long-term.

Invisalign Requires Less of a Time Commitment

Invisalign requires you to visit our office and see our dentist on a regular basis; you’ll need probably fewer appointments than you’d have if you were wearing traditional braces. This is because you’ll have a lot fewer issues with Invisalign since there are no brackets or wires for you to break or jolt out of alignment. There honestly aren’t as many possible mishaps here since the aligners are only worn for a two-week period before you start wearing a new set. Throughout this time, you shouldn’t encounter any real issues. This helps reduce how many visits you’ll need to schedule for emergencies.

Invisalign Can Be Your Solution

Most people tend to think that Invisalign is only appropriate when you need mild misalignments, but this isn’t true. When you work with a skilled dentist like those in our office, it’s easier to develop a treatment program that’s also effective for treating moderate to severe issues. As such, you really shouldn’t rule this treatment out, regardless of your issues. In fact, at Shenandoah Family Dentistry we believe it’s never too late to straighten your teeth out. With Invisalign, the process has just become a lot easier. Give us a call at (540) 667-8731 to start this process today.
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