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Dental assistant showing patient x-ray results at Shenandoah Family Dentistry
Dental technology has undergone some incredible transformations. We have gone from traditional X-rays to digital, and scanners can now be used to take impressions. 3D images on computer monitors enable us to see your mouth from multiple angles and software helps us to design perfectly fitting dental restorations. At Shenandoah Family Dentistry, we utilize the latest technology, including CariVu, an innovative way to detect cavities in your teeth.

What Are Cavities?

Plaque and bacteria are both naturally occurring in the mouth. However, they both produce harmful acids that can erode the enamel of your teeth, causing weak spots. When these spots are untreated, small pits, or cavities, begin to form. Cavities require immediate treatment. Without it, they only continue to grow larger, compromising the integrity of your tooth and putting it at risk for infection.

CariVu for Cavity Detection

Detecting and treating cavities is essential for restoring the health of your mouth and preventing serious consequences. Cavities are typically detected with visual exams and dental X-rays. While we can detect many cavities this way, these methods are not always effective at detecting cavities in the earliest stages.

CariVu is a technological development that aids in the early detection of cavities in your teeth. It uses patented trans-illumination technology. This technology enables us to see through your teeth. We slip the device over your teeth, enveloping them. A light in the near-infrared spectrum is shone. The light reflects back off of the tooth enamel. If there are any cavities present in the tooth, no matter how small, these areas of decay absorb the light and appear as dark spots. In detecting cavities in their earliest stages, we are then able to provide you with the treatment you need before they can grow worse.

CariVu Benefits

CariVu offers a unique alternative to taking x-rays. Traditional X-rays use radiation, which can make many patients wary. While digital x-ray technology reduces your radiation exposure up to 95%, there is still a small amount used. Even this small amounx can be concerning for some. CariVu does not use any radiation at all. Instead, it uses near-infrared light.

There are several other benefits associated with CariVu, including:
•  The images of your teeth are produced on a computer monitor almost instantaneously.
•  Your images are completely crisp and clear.
•  We can detect even the smallest cavities quickly and easily. With early detection, we are then able to provide you with fast, effective treatment, restoring your oral health before the cavities have an opportunity to do any significant damage.

Limitations of CariVu

While there are many benefits involved with CariVu, this technology does have a few limitations.
•  We are not able to see the teeth hidden under dental work such as crowns and bridges.
•  We are not able to see the roots of your teeth, so we cannot detect damage to these areas.
•  We are not able to detect cavities at the gumline.
•  The technology cannot detect issues with your gums.

The advancements in dental technology have greatly improved our ability to provide you with optimal oral care. CariVu helps us to detect cavities earlier than ever before, enabling us to provide you with effective treatment before they cause serious issues. For more information about CariVu, call Shenandoah Family Dentistry today at (540) 667-8731.
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