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Does Weak Enamel Mean You Will Have Cracked Teeth?

Posted on 3/25/2020 by Jared Pell, DDS
Does Weak Enamel Mean You Will Have Cracked Teeth?You may have eroded enamel. That does not mean your teeth will easily crack. Weak enamel results from erosion or abrasion, and cracks may surface from trauma, a poor bite, or from teeth grinding.

Therefore, just because the enamel on your teeth may be thin does not mean that you will experience more cracks. The following article gives you further details about how cracks may surface. It's not always due to dental erosion or abrasion.

Causes Of Cracked of Chipped Teeth

To strengthen the teeth and prevent cracks, it helps to use a dental product that is ADA approved that restores weakened enamel or its mineral content. While an ADA dentifrice or mouthwash cannot be used to rebuild a tooth, it can be used to remineralize it. You cannot blame the appearance of a crack solely on weak enamel, as cracks may surface in one of several ways. Teeth may crack because of teeth grinding or from large filings that weaken a tooth's structure. Trauma to the lower jaw may produce a crack as will biting on something hard.

Gum disease, which can produce bone loss, may also cause a crack to form. Sudden changes in in the temperature inside the mouth may also trigger cracks. All these occurrences can lead to chips or cracks. While weak enamel may cause a crack, it is not the only reason for the occurrence. If you do get a crack in a tooth, it will not completely heal, even if it is treated. Treatments may consist of bonding, or adding restorations, such as crowns or veneers. Cosmetic contouring may also be recommended if the crack is exceptionally small.

If you believe you have a crack in your tooth, find out how you can get it repaired. Call us today to schedule an appointment and consultation. The sooner you address the problem, the better chance you have for a successful repair.
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