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Problems With A Filling That Sits Too High

Posted on 1/30/2020 by Jared Pell, DDS
Problems With A Filling That Sits Too HighFillings are usually done to cure tooth cavities. While fillings are generally very safe and effective, they sometimes result in tooth sensitivity and discomfort for patients. This is usually caused by a filling that is sitting too high. Though very rare, it is not uncommon for fillings to sit too high. If left uncorrected, high fillings could cause you some problems.

Problems Associated With Filling A Tooth Too High

The teeth are usually supported by tissues known as the periodontal ligaments. The ligaments are very sensitive. When you have a filling that is sitting too high, the ligaments become inflamed and tender when you bite on something. This is because that particular tooth gets pressed too hard when biting. You could end up feeling pain whenever you bite on food.

High fillings also put pressure on the other teeth, and they could crack the crowns of the other teeth. You could end up needing to have treatment on the other teeth too, especially if they were already weak.

The other problem with high fillings is that they interfere with the alignment of the jaw joints. They could lead to jaw swelling and pain from inflammation. The pain could affect your ability to carry out your daily activities You could suffer from frequent headaches. Another problem is that biting from a tooth that is not correctly aligned with the others may cause problems with jaw joints making them swollen, painful and tender. This can lead to other serious problems such as facial disfiguration.

If you notice any discomfort after a filling, it is advisable to visit our clinic as soon as you can. Readjusting the filling is a simple process that does not take long. All we will do is grind down the filling, then check if it's okay. Want to learn more or suspect you have a problem with one of your fillings, call our office today!
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