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What Type of Pain Should You Expect if You Are Developing a Cavity?

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Jared Pell, DDS
What Type of Pain Should You Expect if You Are Developing a Cavity?Tooth filling occurs when there is a need to correct common tooth decay issues or cavities. The filling is meant to ease any discomfort these issues may cause.

Not everyone experiences pain after a filling, and there are a variety of causes and reasons why some do and not others. Most of the time, pain is a result of simply repairing the damage.

In other cases, it may be that the filling needs to be adjusted to fit properly, or there is another instance of decay or cavity in the tooth that was not addressed, and needs to be repaired. There are tons of options our dental professionals can provide for relieving the pain after you come in for a filling. Read on to find out why there is pain after a filling, and how you can manage it before you can get in for an appointment.

Why You Experience Pain after a Filling

Slight pain and discomfort after a tooth filling is pretty common. Sometimes, patients may even experience a bit of sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. This is because during a filling, our dentists will need to do a lot of prodding, poking and drilling in your mouth. Slight discomfort usually dissipates after 48-72 hours at most. When you come in for your initial exam, you can discuss the different types of filling options available and what type of side effects come with each.

How to Manage Pain after a Filling

To avoid decay and cavities to begin with, develop a rigorous and consistent daily oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals, and floss at least one time a day. This helps to keep your tooth enamel protected from damage.

Regular visits to our office can help identify problems before they even start, so they don't turn out to be major issues later on down the line. Schedule your consultation in our office and speak to one of our highly trained dental professionals.
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