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Dangers of Chewing on Ice When it Gets Warm Outside

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Jared Pell, DDS
Dangers of Chewing on Ice When it Gets Warm OutsideIn the hot summer months, you'll do anything to cool down. That includes doing some things that aren't completely healthy for you, such as chewing on ice cubes. Sure, it feels great to feel the ice crunch under your teeth, but there are a number of reasons why chewing on ice isn't a good idea, even though it does provide some extra relief from the glaring summer heat.

It Can Break Your Teeth

Ice is a very hard substance. When you bite down on it, you can actually damage your teeth. It may cause your teeth to chip or crack. If you have a tooth that's already damaged or has been weakened due to cavities, you could even break off half of the tooth or more.

You Can Damage the Enamel

Chewing on ice can also damage the enamel of your teeth. This is especially easy to do if you've just drank something full of citric acid such as orange juice. The acid softens the enamel on your teeth for a short period after drinking it. Chewing on ice as you drink this juice can cause more damage to your teeth than normal.

You May Damage Your Crowns or Fillings

Chewing on ice can also cause damage to any crowns or fillings you may have. When you bite down on a hard ice cube, especially if it has something of a point to it, you can knock loose a crown or damage your fillings.

Chewing Can Hurt Your Jaw

If you continuously chew on ice, you may notice that your jaw gets tired. Over time, this can actually cause excessive wear and tear on the joints that control the jaw, leading to a TMJ disorder.

If you've been an ice chewer for years, you may have done some damage to your teeth. Why not take the time to come in for a checkup and let us take a look?
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