Family Dentist: Dental Care For The Whole Family

When you’ve got both adults and children to consider, a general dentist might not be enough. They might not focus on pediatric dentistry, but if you do go to a pediatric dentist, that means splitting your dental care over two different practices, and all the headaches that accompany that.

That’s why you need to go to a dedicated family dentist like us!


Both general dentists and family dentists attend dental school, receive the same training, and offer a similar range of services. Their main difference is in focus and specialty. General dentists usually focus on a specific age range, like young adults or patients near retirement age. A family dentist provides dental care to people of all ages, from very young to very old.

This makes things a lot easier and more convenient for you. Instead of taking the adults in your family to a general dentist and your children to a pediatric dentist, you can simply visit your family dentist. The dentist can get to know you and your family members more intimately, and provide more specific answers for your family’s unique challenges.

Drs. Jared Pell and Travis Bohrer are our talented pair of family dentists, offering comprehensive family dental care in Winchester and Frederick County. We aim to provide you with compassion, comfort, and care so that you have a 5-star family dental experience.


Our range of services is similar to that of a general dentist’s, but is oriented to serve the entire family regardless of age. They come in three categories.

General dental procedures are the bread and butter of all dentists. Regular teeth cleaning helps maintain oral health and removes any stubborn debris. We fill cavities using tooth-colored fillings that are also safer than traditional amalgam fillings. If your molars are too difficult to clean, sealants help them prevent cavities. If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, tooth removal is the best option. And in the case of gum disease, periodontal treatment cleans the teeth and gum line to help the gum heal.

Cosmetic procedures make your mouth and teeth look better and remove unsightly blemishes from your smile. Invisalign treatment fixes crooked teeth without the hassle of braces. Tooth whitening clears out any dullness or discoloration for a better smile. Porcelain veneers fix minor cosmetic damage on your teeth.

Restorative procedures return the teeth to full functioning in case they’ve been damaged. We have the traditional options of bridges, crowns, and dentures to replace missing teeth. We also provide dental implants, which are newer and more effective replacements for lost natural teeth. If the inside of a tooth has suffered damage, root canal therapy can help.


Don’t settle for anything less than compassionate and attentive care for your family, no matter how young or old you may be. Good dental care is best started early, and having a dentist familiar with your family’s dental health saves a lot of trouble down the road.

Schedule your visit with us, and we’ll take care of your family’s dental needs!